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♛ Haida's Journal ♛

きみがいるから… ぼくがいるから… ♪♥

✹☄ Haida ☁☂
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♛ ME ♛

“Don’t judge book by it’s cover” ♪ That’s the best phrase to describe who I am ♥ People often took me as being cold and arrogant but I’m very friendly once you know me ♪ I have my own principles and I’m proud to be who I am although I’m different from others ♥ I am an adventurous, confident, and a brave lady thus I love to try anything new and unfamiliar to me ♪ I love to smile and it’s very easy to make me happy but it’s not easy to impress me ♥ I know the world is a beautiful place thus I live my life to the fullest without any regret ♪ I can accept any criticism but I will not tolerate anyone who mocks my God and Religion ♥ If it's not obvious already, I ❤ Domoto Tsuyoshi 。◕‿◕。 ♪ And I just adore Taemin and his precious smile! ^^;; ♥


My fandom is not limited to only one ♥ KinKi Kids is one of the best things I ever come across ♪ I love and adore them to the point that I can’t even explain myself ♥ I love their music, show, dramas, concerts and most of all their humour and how naturally funny they are in real life ♪ While I just adore Arashi and the close relationship they have with each other ♥ I love their songs and how their lyrics inspire and motivate people to do better in life ♪ While in K-Pop, I stan the awesome U-KISS for their amazing music ♥ I am also a big fan of INFINITE, SHINee, FT Island, BTOB, V.O.S, Super Junior-K.R.Y. & Group S ♥ And I just admire Ito Yuna, Beni, Ayaka and Aoyoma Thelma's beautiful voices ♪ And not mention Sung Si Kyung, Lee Seung Chul & Park Hyo Shin amazing & soothing voices ♥ I love to watch live performances & concerts since it is when I can know whether the singer is a musician or an idol or an entertainer ♪ I love to watch J-dramas and K-dramas ♥ But what are more important for me are the plot, storyline, script, and the acting rather than the actors’ looks ♪ I love dramas that have strong and solid storylines and can make me learn a thing or two about life ♥ While I despise dramas that insult my intelligent ♪ And I'm a very big fan of Matsuda Shota, So Ji Sub, Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Seo Jin, Lee Min Ho, Yoo Seung Ho, Park Shi Hoo & Joo Won ♥ Among my favourite J-dramas are Ao no Jidai, Summer Snow, Gakkou no Sensei, Maou, Ryusei no Kizuna, Yasashi Jikan & Love Shuffle ♪ While for Kdramas; Sorry I Love You, The Princess' Man, Bridal Mask, Faith & City Hunter are my absolute favourites ♥

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