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21 July 2017 @ 07:21 am
Happy 20th Anniversary Koichi & Tsuyoshi! ♥♥  

Well, it's actually their 19th Anniversary but they wanted to celebrate it one whole year starting today. As a fan, I'm just so happy to see this much attention given to them considering their 15th Anniversary was rather simple with no arena tours announced that particular year (they only did their usual year end dome tour). As they are one of Johnny-san's most favorite groups, given them this much attention is only appropriate.

Because of this special day, I decided to take pictures of my KinKi Kids collection over the years. ^^v


The top shelf is their singles from Garasu no Shonen until ~. I mostly collected the limited edition ones but I started collecting all versions starting from Family ~Hitotsu ni Naru Koto single. I mostly proud of my collection for the limited edition singles circa 2003 to 2008 as to get them nowadays is almost impossible esp for international fans.

The second shelf is their albums and concert DVDs. I particularly love KinKi's concert DVDs' covers since they usually so pretty and about the same size, so its always nice to arrange them side by side. For concert DVDs, I also get the limited edition versions as Ko-chan's birthday MCs every year are too priceless. I always feel bitter that they only release concert DVDs regularly every year only after their Phi concert. I want their G concert DVD so bad but J&A never release it. DX

Speaking of songs, I have too many favorites from them but I try to pick my favourite 3:

Single Songs:
1. Ao no Jidai (First love. The first KinKi song I ever heard and fell in love with and it stays special in my heart until today.)
2. Hakka Candy (I SUPER LOVE THIS SONG. Everything about the song is perfect esp their voices at that time.)
3. Kagi no Nai Hako (A fairly recent single of theirs. When I first heard the song, there's no turning back since the song is truly awesome especially the lyrcis. KinKi had many amazing singles so its hard to chose favourites tbh. I didnt include Anniversary, Ne, Ganbaru yo or Jonetsu that I super love as well)

Coupling Songs:
1. Yukimushi (Yukimushi translated as 'Snow Bug' in English haha. But the song is so sad about waiting for your loved one to come back home and the lyrics used 'Snow Bug' to show how time has passed and how long the wait has becomes.)
2. Kimi to Boku no Uta (Cute song with a very nice melody accompany it. I just cant stop listening to it when it first released.)
3. Seppaku no Tsuki (All KinKi fans must love this song. It got #3 for their 39 album despite it being a coupling song. The way they ended the song; 'When you weren't around, I knew the meaning of happiness, for the first time.' is just too cruel. Satomi is truly a pro in writing really awesome love songs.)

Album Songs:
1. Rhapsody (Probably my favourite song ever. Could listen to it nonstop. The lyrics literally describe the love I experienced with KinKi (as a fan). :P)
2. I Will (The lyrics is sooo sad. Basically the song is about telling your loved one to stay strong even when you are gone. I think I cried the most listening to this song lmao.)
3. Kono Mama Te Wo Tsunaide / Setsunai Koi ni Kizuite (Can't choose between this two. Kono Mama Te Wo Tsunaide because I want to keep holding Tsuyo's hand. :P While Setsunai Koi ni Kizuite because it's the first sad ballad song that they sing which later become their main expertise. :P Such a beautiful song with really sad lyrics.)

Basically all Ko-chan's releases (the rest of his albums are behind his mirror album). Again, for their individual works, I mostly collect the limited edition versions. Since Ko-chan didn't release solo works as much as Tsuyo, I didn't spent a lot on him. :P For my favourite song of Ko-chan, its Spica. hahaha I bet many people didn't know about this song.

Tsuyo's singles and albums starting from Domoto Tsuyoshi, ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI, 244 Endli-x, Tsuyo-shi, and Domoto Tsuyoshi again. I love his WAVER cover so much that's why I put it in the front. The rest of his 10++ singles are behind the WAVER single while his limited edition albums are arranged at the side. Original Color is my favourite song from him.


Out of all my KinKi collections, I think I most proud of my concert pamphlets collection. :D This is because the pamphlets are sooooo big (double the size of normal book) and the photoshoots in there are among the best KinKi has ever done. I love their 1999 Summer Concert pamphlet as Tsuyo has his To Heart's hair at that time. :P And Their D concert (upper right), has their best photoshoot to date. The cover may look very simple but the pictures inside are very awesome.

Aside from the big size of the pamphlets, KinKi used many different design / texture for the pamphlets. Take the plastic ice cube pamphlet for an example. Or the velvet texture of their 1999-2000 Winter Concert pamphlet. I love that they try to be creative with the designs each year.

I LOVE the classic hardcover pamphlet of ~ fond de Anniversary ~ Dome Tour or the file type package of their 24/7 G Tour pamphlet.

Over the years, unfortunately their concert pamphlets have become smaller with the evidence of H and I concert pamphlets (which is the size of normal book). Their 10th Anniversary Concert has plastic package on it while KinKi You Tour pamphlets are hardcover with some really pretty studio pictures (white cover) and concert pictures (red cover) inside.

J Concert Tour pamphlet is hands down the most pretty pamphlets they have ever released. Not only for it elegant simple design, it is big in size, it is hardcover and there is pretty ribbon on the side of the opening. While I LOOOVE the photoshoot in King.KinKi Kids concert pamphlet.

-Thank you for 15 years- concert pamphlet photoshoot is among my favourites as well. And L concert pamphlet has a truly creative design. While their latest 2015-2016 concert pamphlet's photoshoot is sooo pretty (despite the simple black cover). I really love the black and white concept they did at that time.


Okay, I tried to collect one item per concert but I obviously fail haha. I kinda stop at K concert since to get stuffs from that concert particularly difficult at that year. I obviously love Tsuyo's Bigaku concert goods so I bought 3 of those; the deer strap, tea cup and t-shirt (which is like the most pretty concert t-shirt ever :P). ^^v


Basically all books & photobooks KinKi has ever released~ I'm so happy to get my hand on their first photobook (the age of the book now is like 20 years? :O)! Since the cover is scandalous (haha) and I dont want to be accused as hentai by anyone, I throw away their shirtless cover. :P

I proudly have all books and photobooks Tsuyo has ever released including his illustration storybooks featuring his late dog, Kenshiro. T___T


I managed to get mostly all Tsuyo's drama licensed DVDs that ever released even including his drama SPs. Ko-chan's dramas seemed to be less popular so I only got 2 of those. For their dramas together, I only managed to get Wakaba no Koro. All these are English subbed btw. Talking about favourite drama from them (solo or together), it got to be the amaaaazing Summer Snow. Summer Snow is truly one of the very best Japanese dramas I have ever watched. Everything about the drama is amazing even the sad ending. ;_;

There, all my collections over the years. Since I'm a perfectionist, I tend to collect everything. That is why sometimes, I do spent a lot to complete my collection -- this is a bad habit that I know I must get rid of. :P I can't wait to see their 20th Anniversary Tour pamphlet! I hope they will release 2 versions of the pamphlets like they did 8 years ago with KinKi You Tour. :DDD
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✹☄ Haida ☁☂: Tsuyoshi ☆ Angel Tsuyo ~*@*~tsuyoi_hikari on August 31st, 2016 10:33 pm (UTC)
Domoto Kyoudai when TMR was the guest? Is it the one from 2007? TMR is hilarious thats why I'm glad when he joined SDK back in 2011. :))

Ahh KinKi dramas were soo good but so depressing at the same time. Recently, for their 20th anniversary, I wanted to do a rewatch of their dramas but I realized its too depressing and I'm not ready stomach that all over again. I ended up only rewatching Bokura no Yuuki ~Miman City since thats the only drama of theirs that was not difficult to watch. What was your favorite? Mine will be Wakaba no Koro. I tend to like most of dramas starting Tsuyo written by Komatsu Eriko. She usually write good dramas with interesting and creative plots.
akairen: redblueakairen on September 1st, 2016 02:44 am (UTC)
yup 2007.03.18 #287 .. Tsuyoshi was so talkative that time :))

I love all KinKi's drama where they played together :)). Yeah their dramas make me cry a lot :(.
For Tsuyoshi's drama i have (al)most of them - I can't find 33pun tantei 2nd season -, but i only watched some of them. Just like KinKi's drama most of Tsuyoshi's drama is melancholic, my heart can't take his sadness expression, it's just too real >.<

My favourite are Kindaichi, Summer snow and Tenma-san ga yuku :)).
What about yours?
✹☄ Haida ☁☂tsuyoi_hikari on September 2nd, 2016 02:15 am (UTC)
Actually, I just rewatched that episode recently. I wanted to remember how TMR and Tsuyoshi are friends and they are drinking buddy with each other. Like with Moriyama Naotaro, Tsuyoshi and TMR can talk endlessly through the night lol. It was funny since they keep making jokes to each other and everyone was like '????' haha. Tsuyo was particularly talkative in that episode. He usually quiet during his ENDLICHERI ENDLICHERI era but since the guest is someone that he knew, he's in his comfort zone.

Yeah, I agree. KinKi dramas together are pretty much very depressing. I remember when I watched Ningen Shikkaku for the first time years back and the dark feeling lingers for quite a some time. And even Wakaba no Koro, despite how good is the writing, I cant do a rewatch of the drama again no matter how I wanted to.

I soo agree with you about Tsuyo's dramas being melancholic and sad. He always took good projects with great scripts. And he gave us different vibe everytime he took on new projects. You dont see him as Domoto Tsuyoshi but you see him as the character he is playing. :) And he's acting is so realistic, like in this video for an example, you can feel like his heart is breaking in this particular scene T____T

For KinKi dramas together, my fave is Wakaba no Koro (like I mentioned in my previous comment). For Tsuyo’s drama, its soo many lol. But my ultimate fave is Summer Snow (the ending made me cry so much :P). But I LOVE LOVE Ao no Jidai, Gakkou no Sensei and Home Drama as well. I really like Platonic too but the disappointing ending made me put the drama at the back of my list haha. For Ko-chan, his drama with Fujii Fumiya is my fave. Tenshi ga Kieta Machi is an amazing drama without a doubt!
akairen: infatuationakairen on September 2nd, 2016 09:22 pm (UTC)
Rewatching DK/SDK will always make us laughing a lot, no matter how many time we re-watching them :)).And that eps, he just couldn't stop commenting on every TMR answer :D and the Matsuidaira Ken thing was totaally funny XD.

Me toooo, i only watched them (NS and WNK) once. Kinda miss them act in a drama together, it's been a long time already.

There are some of Tsuyoshi's drama i haven't watch because of his crying scene >.<. Can't disagree with you, SUMMERS SNOW is the best; family, friendship, romance it has everything. The scene that i like the most when he's angry about his lil sister pregnancy, it's like 'woah Tsuyoshi is scary >.< when he's angry'. And his character is unique.

For Kochan, so far i had watched his Remote only, going to watch his sushi ouji. And since you mention it I'm going to watch Tenshi ga Kieta Machi too :))
✹☄ Haida ☁☂: Koichi ☆ The Prince's Various Portraitstsuyoi_hikari on September 7th, 2016 04:01 am (UTC)
Yeah, I wanted them to act together in a drama again. Its been sooo long already since their last drama together. Hopefully they will did something special for their 20th anniversary. :3

Summer Snow truly has everything -- thats why I love it sooo much. And the scene when he's angry is really epic. I just rewatched Summer Snow a few months ago and you have no idea how many times I replayed that particular scene! XD But then, the production team has to ruin it by playing Natsu no Ousama right after that haha. KinKi once discussed this topic when Hirosue Ryoko came to SDK back in 2013 how the song ruin lots of scene in the drama. 'Its a nice scene, Hirosue is crying, tears falling down her cheeks but then ''OEHHHHHH'' ', it seriously made me lol when both Ko-chan & Tsuyo mentioned about it. XD

Ko-chan's dramas somehow is a bit difficult for me. He tends to overacts in a lot of them. I finds him more natural when he acts alongside Tsuyo -- just like I feel Ko-chan sounds absolutely beautiful when he sing together with Tsuyo rather than when he sing alone or with other people. But Tenshi ga Kieta Machi is really good. Somehow both Ko-chan & Tsuyo acted their best roles in the year 2000. ^^;
akairenakairen on September 7th, 2016 12:02 pm (UTC)
Finger cross for their drama together XD.

Ah i remember that, with Koike Eiko right, And Kyoko impression of him that 'he loves dog, always diet XD and hates water'. Tsuyo also said he actually doesn't like diving, he hates water sport XD.

The OST made we thought that the end will be a happy ending at least. But actually it's a lovely-funny-yet-sadrama. But Tsuyoshi being an older brother was just perfect <3, oh and I like when he talked in Kansai-ben even in drama.

Have you watched Tenma-san ga yuku? It's funny that sometime they laughing in the scene, but tried to hide it.

Last sunday i wacthed Rookie and Sushi Ouji but just until third eps. Koichi was hilarious. He's totally silly, can't take it too. Not that i dont like it, but just, i want face palm myself when i watched him like that -_-.
✹☄ Haida ☁☂: Tsuyoshi ☆ Angel Tsuyo ~*@*~tsuyoi_hikari on September 11th, 2016 04:30 pm (UTC)
Yes, that episode with Koike Eiko. :) The part about him dieting, I think it got to do with his panic disorder and hyperventilation syndrome. If I'm not mistaken, he said the medication for those made him gain weight so I think thats the reason why he always on diet esp in the earlier years when KinKi debuted. :( But he always struggle with his weight and thats probably the reason too.

Komatsu Eriko likes to write him dramas when he needs to speak in Kansai-ben. Its part of the reason why I super love Gakkou no Sensei too aside from the great storyline. ^^ Tsuyo always become extra funny when he starts talking in Kaisai-ben.

About Tenma-san ga Yuku, of course I have. If you see the picture on my post, I have the drama on DVD. ^^v I love the drama. I thought I wont but I ended up liking it a loooot. Like really a lot. Its a great feel drama when you're down. I laugh really a lot since many scenes are really hilarious. I'm glad Tsuyo talked about the laughing scene at SDK. I thought the laughing was intentional when I was watching the drama lol.

akairen: tsuchanakairen on September 12th, 2016 01:17 am (UTC)
Yups, i found out about the drama from SDK. There's a lot parts when they laugh XD. It felt like Tsuyoshi just being himself in the drama :).

My favourite part was when they were talking to Sashihara Rino, HKT48 member, then Tsuyo was laughing but he turned around to hide it XD.